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Managed Forex Investing for NON-USA or ECP clients only
Note we are only working with NON-USA or institutional/ECP inquiries going forward.
There are a number of ways to qualify as an ECP, one is to have a net worth over 10 million dollars.  Email us and we can send you the sheet showing the various ways to qualify or look here.
It's important to note that we allocate our capital to many of the same managed forex programs you do, and have made many mistakes and had many losers along the way.
Feel free to look around and read about managed Forex account investing.  Call or email at any time with questions, we're happy to share our experience.  The managed forex investment process is simple.  You open a Forex account and hire a Forex professional to manage it for you.  The money stays in your account in your name and you can see the trading at any time.  Feel free to test it out with a small amount of money first.  If a manager does well, you can add more.  If he doesn't, try another or move on.
Look at some managed forex investments that make it possible to shrink and grow your portfolio whether stocks go up or down.
If your IRA or mutual funds or real estate have lost money,
If you want exposure to the $4 trillion dollar a day currency market
if you’re wondering where to go to have a chance at making and losing money in down markets,
if you want to be able to see what is happening inside your investment account any time,
if you want to be able to access your money in a couple days,
Then Managed Forex may be another investment style for your portfolio.  Forex markets are moving twenty four hours a day, always offering opportunities to lose and make money.
Benefits of Managed Forex:

  • Liquidity - the managed forex account is in your name, you can liquidate your account any time
  • Full transparency - log in to see your fx account balance live any time
  • Access to leverage – have your managed forex account traded at twice its value or more, increasing risk (potentially larger losses) and return 
  • Ability to see the Forex CTAs’ track records (with monthly and even daily returns) before investing
  • Diversification of your assets from stocks, bonds and real estate
  • Potential tax benefits of managed forex (60% long-term, 40% short-term taxes)


Forex Managed Accounts - Risk Disclosure

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Contact us for a free list of Forex managers that have performed poorly for us in the past.  May save you some money and/or keep you away from forex traders  and forex programs that have lost for us or scammed us.

We are happy to share our managed Forex investment experiences with you